B-Boys Makin’ With the Freak Freak Buch


In 2015, I decided to fly to NYC again. When I told Robert about it, he responded briefly: „I’m flying with you. I’ve never been to New York. Just book me the same flight as you.“ To my surprise, that’s exactly what happened. Our trip was from April 9th to the 21st, 2015, flying from Zurich to Newark. I had the contacts and knew my way around. He had the camera and captured everything. I was his guide on the ground, and he became my eyes.


Title: B-Boys Makin’ With the Freak Freak

Torch & Rob Hak in New York City

Photography: Rob Hak

Texts: Frederik Hahn aka Torch

Authors: Robert Hak & Frederik Hahn


Written in 2024 / 1st Edition 2024

Editing: Adam Silverstein &

Bernd Kammerer / textonaut.de

Cover Design: Rob Hak / www.studiohak.de

Layout: studio hak, Rottweil

Printing: Otto Druck, Oberndorf a.N.

Bookbinding: Spinner, Ottersweier

Paper: Munken Print Cream